Devblog #1

This week has mainly been behind the scenes changes but I managed to sneak in some new additions!

Next week I plan to add more sound to bring the environment to life, along with more jobs.

New Video



  • Added a destroy sound for water
  • Added a first-person mode
  • Added a new job: Chandler
  • Added functionality to the main menu news feed
  • Added the ability to submit feedback in-game
  • Added the ability to toggle HUD (default key F2)
  • Added the call home button (for emergencies)
  • Added two new buildings: Beehive and the Chandlery
  • Citizens now start with random ages
  • Implemented Unity Performance & Analytics
  • Increased the spawn rate of chickens and roosters

Version (Last Week)

  • Added basic building and path system
  • Civilians can be called home
  • Civilians will be auto assigned work if they are unemployed
  • Civilians are assigned gender and names
  • Civilians without a job will stay at the campfire, if they have a house they will go inside at night
  • Day and Night cycle
  • New game will start at the player’s system time
  • Two in-game modes: Build and Spectate
  • Two new animals: Chicken and Rooster
  • Upgraded to Unity 5.2.0

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